Taylor Swift - Speak Now CD (2010)


Taylor Swift - Speak Now CD (2010)
While always known for her songwriting ability, Taylor Swift’s Speak Now truly showcases her talent, as the twenty-year-old has the sole writing credit for every song on the 14-track album.

Popular Songs From Speak Now
First single “Mine” starts the CD off on a high note. The popular tune about realizing the exception and finding true love has already been well received by radio stations. The happiness continues with “Sparks Fly,” an upbeat track describing how Swift feels every time she sees her love. Swift performed “Sparks Fly” at several concerts, and since the song was such a hit with fans, the singer decided to put a studio version of it on Speak Now.

The mood changes with “Back to December,” a number full of remorse and regret. Apparently learning from past mistakes in “Back to December,” Swift does not allow love to slip away again in title track “Speak Now,” a cute story with some spoken words and laughs. “Speak Now” talks about breaking up a wedding ceremony, complete with lyrics such as “her snotty little family all dressed in pastel” and “gown shaped like a pastry.”

Taylor Swift - Speak Now CD (2010) Track Listing :
  1. Mine
  2. Sparks Fly
  3. Back to December
  4. Speak Now
  5. Dear John
  6. Mean
  7. Story of Us, The
  8. Never Grow Up
  9. Enchanted
  10. Better Than Revenge
  11. Innocent
  12. Haunted
  13. Last Kiss
  14. Long Live

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Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (2009)


Although one can accuse Rammstein of its easily not possibly to take seriously could it their saving beauty of also be. Has each possible volume, which has those cojones not to begin to their album with first but the second song, which marks a group singing of its own name any, an excellent direction of irony or the self-confidence gold fish. I decide to believe the former.

If it aren’t already bent toward to Rammstein’s over point mixture of the epischen, expanded keyboards, changing stripped and the roared vocals and the strong wall of the distorted metal guitar and – ramming trommelt, this album won’ T-influence (sic) your opinion. However find with an inclination toward to this kind of the high-quality cheese much, in order to enjoy here. Not there’s not much deviation of the formula. It’s Rammstein. It don’ You do t-purchase, which a AC/DC album, which expects a bundle of the prince, covers?

This said, there is the feeling that the joke carries thinly that the band’ s-stilistische stamps begin to believe like a straitjacket. As usual that the most memorable song is one, English-sung novelty number called to explain Pussy? Seriously you hear simply to this thing. If that’s a novelty song then my brows are not ear worms. It’s also the most binding song on the album by any distance.

This is not to suggest that the complete album distortion durchnäßte as wallpaper plays. Bückstabü e.g. has an easy Schlurfenschlag and slithery, half-whispered Gejammer of a vernehmbaren to differentiate to it. (I really don’t understand what just happened here. Did your translator get tired or something? – Ed.) (In all likelihood, he just fed it through Babelfish and used the money I gave him to fuel another one of his sick rave parties, the fucker. – Anthony) Most stylistic detours are, although and possibly it’ small; s for the best. Rammstein obviously understand their place in the music world and of the clay/tone of things, they’ Restille, which has loads of the fun with their.

Though one can easily accuse Rammstein of being impossible to take seriously, it might also be their saving grace. Any band that has the cojones to start their album with not the first, but the second song featuring a group chant of their own name either has an excellent sense of irony or the self-awareness of a goldfish. I choose to believe the former.

If you aren’t already inclined towards Rammstein’s over-the-top mix of epic, sweeping keyboards, alternately barked and bellowed vocals and thick wall of distorted metal guitar and pounding drums, this album won’t sway your opinion. However, those with an inclination towards this sort of high-grade cheese will find much to enjoy here. No, there’s not much deviation from the formula. It’s Rammstein. You don’t buy an AC/DC album expecting a bunch of Prince covers, do you?

That said, there is the nagging feeling that the joke is wearing thin, that the band’s stylistic hallmarks are starting to feel like a straitjacket. How else to explain that the most memorable song is an English-sung novelty number entitled “Pussy”? Seriously, just listen to this thing. If that’s not a novelty song then my eyebrows are earwigs. It’s also the catchiest song on the album by some distance.

This is not to suggest that the whole album plays like distortion-drenched wallpaper. Bückstabü, for example, has a sleazy shuffle beat and a slithery, half-whispered whine of a vocal to distinguish it. Most of the stylistic detours are minor, though, and perhaps it’s for the best. Rammstein clearly understand their place in the music world, and from the sound of things, they’re still having loads of fun with it.

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da Track Listing CD DISC 1:
1. Rammlied
2. Ich Tu Dir Wen
3. Waidmanns Heil
4. Haifisch
5. B********
6. Fruhling In Paris
7. Wiener Blut
8. P***y
9. Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
10. Mehr
11. Roter Sand

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da Track Listing CD DISC 2:
1. Fuhre Mich
2. Donaukinder
3. Halt
4. Roter Sand [Orchester Version]
5. Liese

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Cult - Love (2009)


2009 four CD set, the ultimate edition of the British Alt-Rock band's 1985 masterpiece. For nearly 25 years, Love has been a consistent seller, endorsing it's classic status in The Cult's repertoire. Designed to cater to the more committed ... Full Descriptionfan, the Omnibus Edition is presented as a limited edition four disc box set with the CD's housed in Japanese-style paper sleeves, reproducing the original vinyl cover art. Apart from the re-mastered original album the box also includes the singles, the demos and a live recording from 1985. Equal parts Psychedelic Hard Rock and New Wave Goth, the songs on Love emanate a bright guitar sheen, tight arrangements, crisp drumming and a command performance from vocalist Ian Astbury. Along with the liner notes, the 48 page book features unseen contact sheets from the album photo session and a chronology of contemporaneous quotes by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy that illuminate the status of the band at that point in their career. 45 tracks. Beggars Banquet.

The Cult's 1984 debut, DREAMTIME, proved to be an intriguing, if sometimes muddled, combination of early U2 and the Doors, topped off with Ian Astbury's ongoing lyrical fascination with Native American mythology. The immediate follow-up, LOVE, was a notable improvement. Ditching the most overt Doors references in favor of moody neo-psychedelia that sounds like a harder-rocking version of Echo & the Bunnymen, LOVE includes "She Sells Sanctuary" and "Rain." These driving singles introduced the UK band to the American college-radio market and laid the foundation for the group's mainstream commercial breakthrough later in the decade. The rest of the album is nearly up to the level of the singles, with Astbury's less-mannered vocals and Billy Duffy's powerful guitar riffs offering a much more assertive musical presence than ever before.

The Cult: Ian Astbury (vocals); William H. Duffy (guitar); Jamie Stewart (keyboards, bass).

CMJ (1/5/04, p.18) - Ranked #5 in CMJ's "Top 20 Most-Played Albums of 1986"
Record Collector (magazine) (p.99) - 4 stars out of 5 -- "The Cult reached a pinnacle with this release....A mixture of goth with hippy, trippy psychedelic vibes..."

Cult - Love Track listing CD DISC 1:
1. Nirvana
2. Big Neon Glitter
3. Love
4. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
5. Rain
6. Phoenix
7. Hollow Man
8. Revolution
9. She Sells Sanctuary
10. Black Angel

Cult - Love Track listing CD DISC 2:
1. She Sells Sanctuary [Long Version]
2. No. 13
3. Snake, The
4. (Here Comes The) Rain

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Timothy B. Schmit - Expando (2009)


Timothy B. Schmit launched his solo career late — in 1984, after the Eagles disbanded and right in the thick of the era of shiny, synthesized production. Schmit released three solo albums, all big and glossy, between 1984 and 1991, then reunited with the Eagles in 1994, so he never quite had a chance to record an album as relaxed and natural as 2009's Expando. Ditching all the sheen, but not the professional panache, that lingered all the way to 2001's Feed the Fire, Schmit returns to his country and folk-rock roots here, creating a record that has a clear through-line from his early days with Poco, bears echoes of early Crosby, Stills & Nash — a resemblance underscored by Graham Nash's occasional guest harmonies and the howling harmonica on "A Good Day" — and clearly is the work of the soft rock songsmith behind "I Can't Tell You Why." As beguiling as this record sounds — it's soft and warm without feeling slick, anchored in acoustic guitars and graced with sweet harmonies, peaking with the appearance of the Blind Boys of Alabama on "Secular Praise" — what resonates is his strongest-ever collection of songs, songs that are tuneful, knowing, reflective, and occasionally funny, as on his tongue-and-cheek blues-rocker "White Boy from Sacramento," a showcase for his guitarist son Ben. This loud slice of satire is the exception to the rule on Expando, but this soft rock never feels lazy or complacent; it's rich and lived-in, a record that might have been a long time in coming but is certainly worth the wait.

Timothy B. Schmit - Expando track listing:
1. One More Mile - (with Timothy B Schmit) $0.99
2. Parachute - (with Timothy B Schmit) $0.99
3. Friday Night $0.99
4. Ella Jean $0.99
5. White Boy From Sacramento - (with Timothy B Schmit) $0.99
6. Compassion - (with Timothy B Schmit) $0.99
7. Downtime $0.99
8. Melancholy $0.99
9. I Don't Mind $0.99
10. Secular Praise - (with Timothy B Schmit) $0.99
11. Good Day, A

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Lyle Lovett - Natural Forces (2009)


Audio Mixer: Nathaniel Kunkel.

Recording information: Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA (05/2009-06/2009).

Lyle Lovett - Natural Forces track listing:
1. Natural Forces
2. Farmer Brown/Chicken Reel
3. Pantry
4. Empty Blue Shoes
5. Whooping Crane
6. Bayou Song
7. Bohemia
8. Don't You Think I Feel It Too
9. Sun and Moon and Stars
10. Loretta
11. It's Rock and Roll
12. Pantry [Acoustic Version]

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Tim Mcgraw - Southern Voice (2009)


Recording information: Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA; NRG Recording Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

Photographer: Danny Clinch.

Personnel: Bob MInner (acoustic guitar); Denny Hemingson (electric guitar, steel guitar); Darran Smith ... Full Description(electric guitar); Dean Brown (mandolin, fiddle); Jeff McMahon (piano, Wurlitzer organ, synthesizer); Billy Mason (drums); David Dunkley (congas, percussion).

Audio Mixers: Tim McGraw; Byron Gallimore.

Tim Mcgraw - Southern Voice track listing:
1. Still
2. Ghost Town Train
3. Good Girls
4. I Didn't Know It At the Time
5. It's a Business Doing Pleasure With You
6. If I Died Today
7. Mr. Whoever You Are
8. Southern Voice
9. You Had To Be There
10. I'm Only Jesus
11. Forever Seventeen
12. Love You Goodbye

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Immortal - All Shall Fall CD (2009)


Cover CD Immortal - All Shall Fall CD (2009)

James Minton of U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine has posted an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of "All Shall Fall", the new album from reunited Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL, due on September 25 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was recorded at Grieghallen and Abyss studios in Norway and Sweden, respectively.

"All Shall Fall" track listing:
01. All Shall Fall
02. The Rise Of Darkness
03. Hordes To War
04. Norden On Fire
05. Arctic Swarm
06. Mount North
07. Unearthly Kingdom

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